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9 out of 10 buyers overpay for software purchases by 20 – 30% on average. In most cases, there is still savings on the table beyond the “best and final.” We uncover and capture it for you.

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For Leading Industrial Firm
Award-winning Engineering & Construction Firm
Enterprise Productivity & Communications Suite


For large construction company
National IT & Electrical Contractor
Advanced Server & Cloud Technology Platform


After Biotech Company Received “Best and Final”
Billion-Dollar Biotechnology Company
Enterprise Resource Planning Software


for global consumer goods company
$10 Billion-Dollar Global Consumer Goods Company
Customer Relationship Management Platform

Software Pricing is Difficult to Benchmark

  • Product pricing is constantly in flux
  • Licensing models change from one customer to another
  • Multiple applications and services are often bundled under one big subscription
  • Temporary incentives and offers can affect sales strategies
  • Timing within the fiscal year can dramatically influence pricing

Software Pricing is Difficult to Benchmark

But What If You Had

But What If You Had

  • Visibility into your Vendor’s Hidden Pricing Information
  • An “Inside Ally” with Vendor Insights and Intelligence beyond your reach
  • A Partner to pinpoint precisely where you are overpaying
  • A risk-free way to ensure you secure the best deal possible
  • Comprehensive understanding of your vendor’s sales strategies

Meet KontractOne

Bringing you Insights and Intelligence beyond your reach.


The KontractOne Advantage

Our team of 100+ former Sales Executives has been on the other side of the table. They know the pricing nuances, negotiation tactics, and leverage points of solutions providers across the IT landscape.

Naturally, their job was to maximize revenue from their accounts. Now, their mission is to maximize your savings, without sacrificing any of the functionality you need.

Whether it’s a new contract or a renewal, we leverage their inside intelligence and insight to secure substantial cost savings for your organization. We guarantee savings — or you pay nothing.

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Secure your vendor’s best and final offer and share it with KontractOne.

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We can play an active role or advise you as a silent partner to secure your savings.
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