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Licensing models are only growing in number and complexity

As business demands increase in an accelerating digital world, IT departments are scrambling to keep up. Maintaining a close eye on industry trends is tough when your day-to-day checklist is already long. And that’s before considering workforce growth, platform migrations, and other transitions that require major structural updates. Software vendors know this.

In fact, they often leverage it knowing their buyers are overwhelmed and may not have time to fully understand new models. There’s little incentive for them not to if you just want to close the deal so you can move on to the next thing. However, there are ways to retake the advantage. You can avoid redundant resources and unnecessary functions that like to sabotage budgets. It’s all about knowing what to look for.

Optimize your IT portfolio

Reorient your licensing portfolio and purchase strategy

Understand the landscape

Virtualization. Cloud computing. New subscription models. Evolving tech integrations. All these and more are constantly changing, impacting your IT purchase process even if you don’t know it. We offer valuable insight into this unpredictable environment to improve your decision making.

Minimize your spend

There’s constant pressure to cut down on overhead across the business. We’ve been in your shoes, which is why our main priority is to help you do your part. Our licensing optimization program considers what you’re using, determines what you actually need, and then recommends where to streamline.

Eliminate redundancy

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen different departments investing in the same software. Even worse, each group rarely uses the majority of features those tools offer. We comb through your portfolio to identify ways you can come out ahead simply by shedding excess weight.

Develop sound strategy

It’s not enough to focus only on short-term solutions, you need to look ahead. Continuous optimization offers cost control, protection, and ongoing efficiency. We put strategies in place to better prepare you for major events like vendor audits and true-ups or corporate restructures and M&A’s.

Our licensing optimization Process

Tracking a head-spinning number of licenses that you may not even need is a waste of time. It’s even less ideal in the middle of a purchase cycle. Fortunately, we can do something about that. And we’re committed to your financial welfare, which means you only pay if you save.

  1. Step 1. Situational Analysis

    Our first step is to understand what types of licenses your business needs and how many.

  2. Step 2. POV

    We compare your needs to the vendor’s initial package and compile a point of view on the offer.

  3. Step 3. Strategy

    Once we’re aligned on the end game, we create a strategy for getting there and cutting your all-in cost.

  4. Step 4. Negotiation

    You return to the table to discuss a discounted package based on your exact needs. Our experts can support your negotiation as well.

  • Timing

    Duration can range from a single day to a few weeks depending on scope.

  • Cost

    Percentage of the savings achieved.

Software Licensing Optimization